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Av tappaen tand - 11 juli 2017 05:42

“You only live once and life is meant to be enjoyed!” If there’s one thing I’m sure of is that true contentment and pleasure can only be found within the discomfort zone. You don’t achieve true happiness and fulfillment right away. It’s too precious to happen to anyone at any time. What you need to do first is embrace the chaos so that eventually you come to the peace. Staying within your comfort zone seems enjoyable on the surface and that’s why most of the people never leave that perilous area. However, once you step into the unknown and do something you never did before, you realize you’ve been off base with that assumption. It seems that staying within your comfort zone means not risking anything. In reality, however, you risk the invaluable resource which time is. You risk wasting your whole life and missing out on the incredible taste of outstanding achievement. Please, don’t do it to yourself.

Av tappaen tand - 11 juli 2017 05:19

The biggest tragedy of the teen years? Sublime beings become workers.

The ethics of effort and competition are ultimately rewarded with the demolition of solidarity.

"To do what the boss orders you to do is slavery,to do so for money is prostitution."

The time has come to prepare the sacred cow of work for slaughter.


Everything that requires effort and supports the market shopping,cleaning, watching television,has become work, albeit invisible work

Slaves feel tired just thinking of all the work they've yet to do.


Between wages and salaries flows a river of tears.

Authentic humans feel degraded by those who preach the religion of work.

The plague of work, the bulimia of work, the homicide of work - give work its proper attributes.


The culture of productivism employes work for social discipline and control - in a word, domination.

Look around you in the subway - you share the world with masses of domestic slaves on the way to, or recovering from, their latest paroxysm of work.


Workers and consumers are the miserable servants of machines and their endless demands.

The tragedy is that those who do work, work so much they are no longer human.


Those who doesnt work lead tragic existences in the midst of the spektacle of plenty.

Work is not the continuation of divine creation, rather a contest of life and death whereby work triumphs over wisdom, and vice versa.


Recall that Paul's "Second Epistle to the Thessalonians" is used to invoke the need to work: the Thessalonians were convinced that the second coming of Christ was at

hand; hence work useless. I've never liked Paul - not his style, nor his dictum: no work, no eat.




Production for the sake of production is as vapid as art for art's sake.

The system is bent on economizing time, but it's afraid to give free time to people.

The monetizing of all activity disguises work as leisure (and vice versa) and creates a society of impoverished servants, many of whom are still without work.


"The Crisis of overproduction worsens as unemployment grow to staggering proportions (1/5th of the global population).

If more people produced much less, the ecology of the planet would prosper."


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